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Partner Spotlight: PhunkShun Wear

We believe that every company needs to have respect for people and the environment. PhunkShun embodies just that.  As an aspiring company, there are businesses that we look up to in terms of their values and mission. PhunkShun Wear is one of those companies. Based out of Denver, PhunkShun specializes in manufacturing high-quality masks that keep your face both comfortable and protected when recreating outdoors. Not only are these products extremely high quality, but they are manufactured with respect for human beings and the environment.  In an industry dominated by overseas supply chains, PhunkShun manufactures their masks right here in the USA from recycled materials. Really, if you’re curious about the actual person who is sewing your product, PhunkShun can...

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Net-Positive Mission Update - Sustainable Shipping

We've been working hard to ensure none of our shipping materials end up in a landfill.  In order to accomplish our goal of becoming a net-positive company, we are actively working to neutralize our environmental impacts. As you can imagine, this is a complex undertaking, so we are tackling this problem one step at a time (see our plan to achieve complete sustainability here). As outlined by the Net-Positive Project, we take responsibility for communicating our progress as transparently as possible. This means informing you, the consumer, of all the shortcomings of our efforts in addition to the successes. We are committed to providing updates on our sustainability progress at a minimum of a yearly basis.  “Establishes a time-bound commitment and...

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Paintings For Good - Western Resource Advocates

Enter to win an original painting and more! We are beyond excited to announce Paintings For Good - a collaborative series with the talented artist Max Flow to raise funds and awareness for organizations working to combat social and environmental injustice.  First up, we have put together an amazing bundle of goods to benefit Western Resource Advocates- an organization working to protect the west’s land, air, and water for 30 years. The prize of this bundle includes an original painting from Max along with a print of the Scott Bellow photograph that inspired the art. Additionally, For Good Apparel will be adding two of our facemasks that feature more of Scott’s photography. This bundle of prizes showcases part of what...

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Dissent Labs - Best Compression Socks Ever

Socks so good, you’ll forget you’re wearing them.  Working for a backcountry ski retailer, it was my pleasure to test the latest and greatest brands to hit the market. That’s why, when I first learned about Dissent socks, I was intrigued. $50 for a pair of ski socks? Really? I was admittedly skeptical at first and naturally had some high expectations going into the trial period. However, as soon as I slipped on these compressive socks, it was clear they were different. After a few uses, I never wanted to wear another ski sock again. Sweaty feet, cold feet, and blisters were a thing of the past.  When I decided to hang up the skis after a late June ski...

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For Good Alliance Collection

The mountains are for everyone.  Spending time in the outdoors is a privilege. Whether it be economic or social, there are barriers inhibiting people from getting into nature which has resulted in overwhelming whiteness in the outdoors. At For Good Apparel, it is our mission to support organizations that increase the participation rates and visibility of minority communities in the outdoors. We feel very strongly that if every person - regardless of color, sexuality, or socioeconomic status - had access to these magical places, then the world would be a better place.  SHOP NOW In support of Pride Month and the Black Lives Matter Movement, we are beyond excited to announce the launch of our Alliance Collection. To kick it...

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