You Buy, We Give: April Donation Update

You Buy, We Give: April Donation Update

Supporting our neighbors and front line workers.

Like so many other businesses across the country, For Good has been scrambling to adjust to this ‘new normal’ that the COVID pandemic has thrust upon us. Luckily for us, we have been able to keep ourselves busy by teaming up with some incredible local businesses to do some good for our community. So far, we have been able to donate over 11 gallons of hand sanitizer and 150 facemasks to our community. Since none of this would be possible without the incredible support we have received from all of you, we wanted to provide more detail about the amazing businesses we source our products from and the incredible organizations the proceeds are benefiting. Despite everything going on, we feel truly lucky. 


150 PhunkShun Facemasks

We pride ourselves on supporting local and sustainable businesses- PhunkShun ticks off both of those boxes. Not only are their Facemasks sewn right here in Denver, but they are manufactured using 100% recycled plastic water bottles. We teamed up with them this winter to produce some stylish masks with the intention of benefiting SOS Outreach. SOS is an incredible organization that offers a multi-year leadership and development program for underserved kids. Outdoor adventures such as skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer are the cornerstones of their program. That’s why, for every mask we sell, we donate the same item to help an SOS kid stay comfortable and stylish in the mountains. 

Our original intention was to donate these items in September before the beginning of winter programming, but with everything going on we decided to accelerate our donation. Once the CDC recommended that everyone wear a face covering in public, we knew that our donation could make a difference. As of Monday April 5th, we have donated 150 PhunkShun facemasks to help protect members of our community against the spread of COVID!



11 Gallons of Locally Distilled Hand Sanitizer

When we started For Good, we would have never guessed that we would be delivering hand sanitizer up and down the Vail Valley but given the current situation, we couldn’t be more proud that we are. In order to fund our donations, we collaborated with local hat gurus Ski Town All-Stars to manufacture a really stylish hat where for every one sold we donate 250ml of sanitizer. To date, we have donated 11 gallons(!) of this ‘liquid gold’ to post offices, grocery stores, food banks, urgent care, retirement homes, and more. The hand sanitizer is being distilled locally in Gypsum, CO by Stoneyard Distillery. 

While all of our donations have been impactful, there are two organizations we are proud to be supporting. The Community Market in Eagle serves over 2000 food-insecure individuals in our valley every week. During this economic downturn, their work is more important than ever. Despite the risks, they have stayed open every day to make sure our community remains fed. Through our partnership, we are implementing a ‘refillable’ sanitizer station. Now, in addition to picking up their groceries, these individuals will be able to pick up a reusable 8oz pump bottle to bring home hand sanitizer to help stay healthy during these crazy times. 

Additionally, we are proud to support The Mobile Intercultural Resource Alliance. Otherwise known as MIRA, this division of Vail Health operates a 40-foot RV that brings resources and programming to all members of the Vail Valley. During this pandemic, they have been providing FREE on-site COVID-19 screening to anyone who needs it. They were running low on hand sanitizer so we were able to lend a helping hand by donating some of ours to help protect their workers who are on the front lines battling this nasty virus. 

Stoneyard Distillery in Gypsum, CO 


What’s Next?

When we started this company at the end of 2019, this is far from what we imagined our lives to look like. However, with every curse comes a blessing and we feel so grateful to have been able to pivot our business in a way that helps the community. It has allowed us to meet so many incredible people (from at least six feet away) and be exposed to some incredible organizations that are doing good in the Valley. 

Moving forward, we plan to continue our donation efforts to support our front line workers. In addition to our face mask and hat sales, we are introducing two pieces of technical outerwear from another local company- Sync Performance. With every item sold, we will continue to donate hand sanitizer to our front line workers. Of course, none of this would be possible without your support, so please tell a friend, give us a follow on Instagram or better yet, get yourself in some stylish For Good Apparel!

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