Dissent Labs - Best Compression Socks Ever

Dissent Labs - Best Compression Socks Ever

best compression socks for good apparel

Socks so good, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. 

Working for a backcountry ski retailer, it was my pleasure to test the latest and greatest brands to hit the market. That’s why, when I first learned about Dissent socks, I was intrigued. $50 for a pair of ski socks? Really? I was admittedly skeptical at first and naturally had some high expectations going into the trial period. However, as soon as I slipped on these compressive socks, it was clear they were different. After a few uses, I never wanted to wear another ski sock again. Sweaty feet, cold feet, and blisters were a thing of the past. 

When I decided to hang up the skis after a late June ski mission that year, I was delighted to discover that Dissent also manufactured a summer sock specific for mountain biking. After my experience with their ski socks, I knew I had to give them a try. Pretty soon I found myself wearing these socks to work in the morning and then keeping them on for an outdoor activity in the afternoon. I became addicted to the locked on feel they provided, and the distraction-free comfort the provided throughout the entire day.


dissent labs socks

Seriously, you need to try a pair. 


Flash forward to today, and I cannot imagine embarking physical activity without a pair of Dissent socks on my feet. The socks are tight where they need to be, breathable, and durable. In fact, these socks feel just as good on the hundredth wear as they did on the first one. The folks at Dissent truly make the best sock I have ever worn, and we could not be more thrilled to be offering to our customers, the For Good Apparel x Dissent Labs SuperCrew sock. Be sure to check yours out today!

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