Fighting Covid-19 by Supporting Local Businesses

Fighting Covid-19 by Supporting Local Businesses

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Hats, hand-sanitizer and a helping hand. 

For Good Apparel was founded with the mission to ‘support the organizations and businesses that help our mountain communities thrive’. When we started, we aimed to help underserved kids enjoy the outdoors through the donation of technical outerwear to SOS Outreach. Our buy-one-give-one model was designed so that every time we sell a piece of technical outerwear, the same item is donated to a kid who needs it. While we still believe in this model and will donate our first round of outerwear next Fall, the spread of Covid-19 and the ensuing pandemic has changed things.

Not only does this virus pose a literal threat to large portions of our community, but the economic fallout has small businesses and hourly workers reeling. As we watched this situation unfold in front of our eyes, we quickly realized that technical outerwear was no longer a priority for our community. So we went back to the drawing board and brainstormed how we could make the biggest impact in our valley. After some thought, we figured that we could help our valley in two impactful ways. 1) We can provide resources to help combat the virus and 2) Purchase those resources from local businesses to help them weather this economic firestorm.

Stoneyard distillery for good apparel

For every hat we sell, we are donating five bottles of hand-sanitizer to our community.

Fast forward to today and that is exactly what we are doing. We have partnered with the hat gurus at Ski Town All-Stars to design and assemble a quality product. The proceeds from that product are then used to fund the purchase of hand sanitizer from Stoneyard Distillery which is ultimately donated to local causes. From Ski Town All-Stars on one end of the valley in East Vail, all the way to Stoneyard Distillery in Gypsum on the other end, every dollar from these products is staying right here in the Vail Valley to benefit small businesses. As for the donations? So far we have donated over 4 gallons of hand sanitizer to the Eagle Community Market, Vail Post Office, and West Vail City Market to help the workers on the front lines.

Moving forward we will continue to donate hand sanitizer to benefit the community. We also plan on releasing another piece of outerwear to raise money to buy coffee for our hardworking health professionals. As always, we will keep production local to support our neighbors For the Good of the community.

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