For Good Alliance Collection

For Good Alliance Collection

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The mountains are for everyone. 

Spending time in the outdoors is a privilege. Whether it be economic or social, there are barriers inhibiting people from getting into nature which has resulted in overwhelming whiteness in the outdoors. At For Good Apparel, it is our mission to support organizations that increase the participation rates and visibility of minority communities in the outdoors. We feel very strongly that if every person - regardless of color, sexuality, or socioeconomic status - had access to these magical places, then the world would be a better place. 


In support of Pride Month and the Black Lives Matter Movement, we are beyond excited to announce the launch of our Alliance Collection. To kick it off, we have designed two limited edition shirts in collaboration with the outerwear experts at Sync Performance. 5% of every single shirt sold will be donated to two incredible organizations that are working to diversify the outdoors.


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Proceeds from our LGBTQ+ Ally Shirt are going to benefit the Venture Out Project which helps facilitate outdoor backpacking trips for the gay and trans community. Proceeds from our BLM Ally Shirt are going to benefit Outdoor Afro to help get the black community into the outdoors. Learn more about the impact of these organizations here.

For a long time, the outdoor community has been complicit through silence. That is no longer good enough. Racism and systemic inequality are just as prevalent in the outdoor space as anywhere else. For Good Apparel is proud to stand as allies in the fight against systemic inequality in both the outdoors, and in our world.

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