For Good Apparel x Sync Performance

For Good Apparel x Sync Performance

We have teamed up with a premium mountain outerwear company to offer stylish gear FOR the GOOD of our community. 

We started For Good Apparel with the goal to sell technical outerwear so we could, in turn, donate the same gear to outfit kids for mountain adventures. Here we are in April of 2020, and things could not be farther from where envisioned they'd be. Technical outerwear for recreational purposes is no longer a priority- not even close. Instead, items like hand sanitizer, hygiene masks, and even toilet paper (?) are what our community needs to stay safe during these unprecedented times. So while we are excited for things to one day return to normal so we can resume our original mission, we need to focus on what's important today. 

Colorado-based Sync Performance was founded in 2014 with the goal of manufacturing the highest quality outerwear to meet the demands of ski racers. Six years on and they have done just that. From jackets to puffy's to training gear, they source premium materials to manufacture incredible products. At For Good Apparel, we could not be more psyched to be collaborating with Sync to make some super stylish technical gear and raise money for a great cause. 

Once you put the benchmark hoodie on, you won't want to take it off. 

For our collaboration, we are selling a limited edition men's and women's Benchmark hoodie along with a men's and women's deluge shirt. For every hoodie we sell, we are donating 1 liter of locally distilled hand sanitizer to support our community. For every deluge shirt, we are donating a PhunkShun hygiene mask to the Colorado Mask project. We believe these resources are what our community needs to help combat the spread of COVID so we can soon (hopefully) return to some semblance of normalcy. As always, thanks for your support!



As always our goal is to not only donate needed resources to our community, but to support local businesses along the way. In addition to collaborating with a Colorado-based retailer, our donations are being purchased from Gypsum based Stoneyard Distillery and Denver based PhunkShun Wear. 


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