Net-Positive Mission Update - Sustainable Shipping

Net-Positive Mission Update - Sustainable Shipping

We've been working hard to ensure none of our shipping materials end up in a landfill. 

In order to accomplish our goal of becoming a net-positive company, we are actively working to neutralize our environmental impacts. As you can imagine, this is a complex undertaking, so we are tackling this problem one step at a time (see our plan to achieve complete sustainability here). As outlined by the Net-Positive Project, we take responsibility for communicating our progress as transparently as possible. This means informing you, the consumer, of all the shortcomings of our efforts in addition to the successes. We are committed to providing updates on our sustainability progress at a minimum of a yearly basis. 

“Establishes a time-bound commitment and reports publicly on methodology, metrics, goals, and progress towards that commitment, along with lessons learned. The organization secures verification by an external stakeholder/assurer.” - Net Positive Project

Our first step in our mission towards net-zero environmental impacts is to keep 100% of our shipping materials from ending up in a landfill. Landfills are greenhouse gas factories and represent the least ideal end of life for any product. In fact, even naturally composting materials won’t break down 'quietly' in this oxygen void environment. Instead, they produce the harmful gas methane which can warm the air 28 times more effectively than Carbon Dioxide. Additionally, items that end up in a landfill can not be re-purposed for other uses and increase the demand for other 'virgin' materials, which require much more energy to produce. The first choice for any material is to have it recycled, while the second choice is to be composted. 

Below we have provided a summary of the shipping materials we are currently using, how to properly dispose of them, and any shortcomings that we are currently working to address. 

Sustainable shipping materials


We use either a paper mailer or a corrugated cardboard box to deliver our products. These materials are manufactured from 100% recycled paper - and from at least 95% post consumer waste. Both of these options are fully recyclable and compostable - with the exception of the apparel mailer adhesive. If you choose to compost your mailer in your backyard or an industrial site, the adhesive must be removed beforehand. 
We are using paper tape with a water activated adhesive from Sticker Mule. This tape is great because it is fully recyclable - simply keep the tape attached to your box and recycle the cardboard box just as you would have. While we are happy to be diverting our tape usage from traditional plastic, we know we still have work to do. Once we deplete our current supply of Sticker Mule tape, we are going to switch to the Eco-Enclose Water Activated Carton Sealing Tape which utilizes recycled paper and can also be composted.  
When your receive a shipment from us, you will receive a notecard that highlights our sustainability efforts as well as information on how to dispose of your packaging. We are proud to say that these paper products are made with 100% recycled fibers and the production is powered by 100% wind power. They are completely recyclable and they are printed with algae inks that allow them to be composted. 
Shipping Labels
We are not yet where we want to be with our shipping labels. That's why we are investing in a thermal label printer and are making arrangements to switch to the Eco-Friendly Shipping Labels from Eco-Enclose. These labels utilize a fully recyclable back sheet, recycle compatible glue, and are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Stay tuned for when we are able to fully implement these labels into our packaging system!
Did we miss something? Do you have any questions? We will be the first to acknowledge that this is all pretty new to us, and we are simply trying to do our best. If you have any questions or comments, please never hesitate to reach out to
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