Partner Spotlight: PhunkShun Wear

Partner Spotlight: PhunkShun Wear

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We believe that every company needs to have respect for people and the environment. PhunkShun embodies just that. 

As an aspiring company, there are businesses that we look up to in terms of their values and mission. PhunkShun Wear is one of those companies. Based out of Denver, PhunkShun specializes in manufacturing high-quality masks that keep your face both comfortable and protected when recreating outdoors. Not only are these products extremely high quality, but they are manufactured with respect for human beings and the environment. 

In an industry dominated by overseas supply chains, PhunkShun manufactures their masks right here in the USA from recycled materials. Really, if you’re curious about the actual person who is sewing your product, PhunkShun can tell you their name. Not only does this give them complete control over the quality of their product, but it means they can ensure that every one of their employees is being treated fairly.

 moonshine couloir colorado

PhunkShun single tubes keep your face comfortable and protected in the mountains.


Not only are these products manufactured in Colorado, but the fabric is sourced from North Carolina based Repreve. This fabric is made from recycled plastic water bottles and each mask takes an average of 12 bottles out of the waste stream. Additionally, Phunkshun utilizes over 8000 pounds of scrap fabric from their production to minimize waste. As a result of their domestic supply chain, PhunkShun can pay close attention to sustainability as they act on their belief that ‘you don’t have to destroy the environment to enjoy it’. 

In addition to its products, PhunkShun has taken steps to minimize its footprint in other areas. Employees are offered financial incentives to commute via rideshare, bike or public transportation to work. Their factory utilizes energy-efficient lighting and their manufacturing waste is actively diverted away from waste streams. All of their efforts have led to them being awarded the highest sustainability certification in Colorado. At For Good Apparel- we strive to do the same. 


hygiene mask made in colorado

For every Hygiene Mask sold, one is donated to the Colorado Mask Project


When PhunkShun first started out, they encountered many people from the textile and winter sports industries that believed what they wanted could not be done. At For Good Apparel, we have heard the same sentiment in regards to our mission to become Net-Positive. While it certainly won’t be easy, we take inspiration from all that PhunkShun has accomplished and look forward to building this business our way

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