Partner Spotlight: SOS Outreach

Partner Spotlight: SOS Outreach

SOS Outreach not only inspires kids around the country, they also inspired our founder to start For Good Apparel. 

Founder Tom Bull had his first experience with SOS Outreach in the winter of 2017 when he had the opportunity to instruct a class of their kids at Vail. For many, this was the first time they'd stepped foot on the resort and clicked into a pair of skis. Despite living in close proximity, these kids are not able to experience the magic of the mountains because of the huge economic and social barriers that exist and limit access. This unfortunate story is true not just in Denver- but in mountain towns around the country. That’s where SOS comes in. 

In 1995, SOS Outreach brought 15 snowboarders from inner-city Denver to try snowboarding at Vail. Since then, they have been able to expose 70,000 kids to over 2 million hours of outdoor adventures! While these numbers are impressive, what’s even more inspiring is that these outdoor activities are just the beginning. Their curriculum combines adventure with positive adult mentorship, leadership development, and community outreach. As a result, they are not only offering kids a gateway to enjoy the magic of the mountains, but they are laying the groundwork for a successful future. 

In April, For Good Apparel donated 150 facemasks to SOS Outreach!

"Seeing a kid's face light up when they link a turn or conquer a difficult run is a truly special feeling. We're providing opportunities these kids never dreamed of and bridging a gap that exists in so many of our mountain communities. And even more special is watching that confidence they build on the mountain translate into confidence in the classroom, with their peers, and as young leaders in their communities." - Kristina Chesney, SOS Annual Fund Officer

SOS’s program takes place in three stages over a nine-year period. First, participants engage in new outdoor activities that result in a sense of achievement and competency. Then, kids build self-esteem and self-determination in a comfortable and safe environment. Finally, the program culminates with a focus on personal growth through leadership skills that translate to positively handling adversity in their own lives. This development approach is rooted in research to cultivate our next generation of leaders and the results speak for themselves. The research has shown unequivocally that SOS programs lead to more kids graduating from high school, attending college, and becoming outstanding members of their community. Read more about the program and its impact.

Ever since Tom experienced the incredible impact of SOS Outreach, he knew it was an organization he wanted to support. Our ultimate goal at For Good Apparel is to donate technical outerwear and gear to SOS kids so they can recreate in the mountains outside of their programs and in turn create a lifelong passion for these natural spaces. Right now, for every facemask we sell, we are donating one to SOS Outreach to help them stay healthy during this pandemic. However, once things return to some resemblance of normal, we are excited to donate more technical gear to this incredible organization. 




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