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Our Story

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What we do.

We are obsessed with natural places and the gear that allows you to comfortably access them. We are also very aware of the privilege that is required for many of our favorite adventures.
We started For Good Apparel to combine our love for natural places with our desire to do good in this world. When you buy from us, you can rest assure that we are passionate about the product we are selling you, and we are dedicated to our mission of net-positive business as outlined by The Net Positive Project
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Our Mission: "Putting more back into society, the environment, and the global economy than we take out." 
Our mission is intimately connected to our story. We love gear, the environment, and helping people. It is our goal to leverage our business of high quality technical gear to do good in this world by becoming a net positive company.
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About the founder

For Good Apparel was founded by Vail resident Tom Bull in December of 2019. Tom was born and raised on the East Coast where playing soccer and skiing icy slopes were his main passions. He then attended Amherst College where he earned a Bachelors Degree in Economics and captained his soccer team to a Division III National Championship. After graduating in 2016 Tom moved to Colorado to pursue his passion for the mountains. 
Since moving west Tom has instructed at Vail, been the marketing director for a backcountry ski retailer, and graduated from a two year Avalanche Science program. He has a passion for business development, and of course recreating in the mountains. In his free time, he spends as much time on his backcountry skis and mountain bike as he can. 
As anyone who has lived in a mountain town can attest, it isn't cheap. This is true whether you are buying groceries or participating in your favorite mountain sport. For this reason, it always weighed on Tom that not everyone would be able to experience the magic of the mountains in the way that he has been so fortunate to. While he didn't have the means to give back monetarily, Tom knew he wanted to do something to combat the rampant inequality in ski towns- that's why he started For Good.