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For good apparel sustainability

There is no sugar coating it, e-commerce is bad for our planet. We want to turn the tables upside down and prove to the industry that it's possible to build a successful company with a net-zero supply chain. That's why we are making it our mission for the sourcing, manufacturing and delivery of our products to have no negative impact on the environment. We aim to achieve this by utilizing sustainable materials, purchasing credits to offset carbon emissions, and utilizing biodegradable and recycled shipping materials. 

Here is our plan to get there:

1. Eliminate shipping waste to landfill (2020)

Plastic wrapping, plastic tape, plastic bubble wrap, plastic shipping labels, printer ink, cardboard. The list of shipping waste is long and most of it ends up in a landfill. We pledge to utilize only biodegradable or recycled materials when we ship our products to you so together we can keep these materials out of the Landfill! We will do this by the end of 2020. 

Learn about our shipping materials here. 

2. Purchase carbon offsets for our shipping (2021)

In the world of Amazon and the expectation of fast and free shipping, offsetting carbon in the e-commerce world is of the utmost importance. While carbon offsets are certainly not perfect, they are better than sitting around and doing nothing. We plan to purchase carbon credits to offset the entirety of our own shipping emissions by the end of 2021. 

3) Eliminate supply chain shipping waste (2022)

While we will eliminate waste from our own deliveries in 2020, there is still a massive amounts of waste that exist in the supply chain before our products reach our inventory. It is our goal to eliminate non-recycled or non-biodegradable materials from our supply chain by the end of 2022. 

4) Purchase carbon offsets for our supply chain (2023)

Just like our goal for net-zero waste, we need to acknowledge that our carbon footprint begins long before our products enter our inventory. In order to achieve net-zero totality, we need to address every step of our supply chain. 

5) Source 100% sustainable materials for our products (2024)

We believe that apparel can be a powerful way of taking materials out of the waste stream. It is our ultimate goal to utilize only up-cycled or environmentally conscious materials in every one of our products. We aim to do this by 2024, but until then we will make an effort to collaborate with companies that are already utilizing these materials.